Kerry’s Kitten Fund

While my mother had no clue what a blog was or why someone would give me an award for it, she did appreciate that I was a ‘helper’ and organized so many collections to help other people. She would slip me a few bucks here and there to support that work.

My mother loved our pets. We had a dog named Jenny who had puppies. We kept one and drew lots to see who got to name him. She won and named him “Pepe Le Pew” with the joke flying right over our heads. Jenny was her dog, no doubt about it.

Then came Theo (originally Cleo) who became her cat. He sat on the back of the sofa while she watched television and occasionally bit her to get her attention. So she started gently biting him back to get him to stop. They had a weird relationship, but it worked for them.

There was Claudius “your father’s cat” and then the sisters, Cassie and Callie who were intended to be “her cats.”

So a fund to help animals is a nice tribute to her and to my relationship with her. I’ll even write about it on my blog (“but how is it real, Susan?”)

Donations can be sent to

Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities noted for Kerry’s Kitten Fund

1439 W. North Avenue * Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15233

or via

Venmo @PittsburghLGBTQ

Thank you.

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