Where’s the official website?

Perhaps wondering why a nationally recognized blogger and team has such a bare bones website for this project?

That would be due to priorities and transparency. We were ‘born’ on October 22, 2021 when the Commonwealth registered our nonprofit corporation. In December, we submitted our paperwork to the IRS and are now provisionally operational as we wait for their decision.

We’ve spent a lot of time carefully building a board (Dok, Sarah, and Anne) and an advisory board (Andy, Robert, Joy, and Gisele.) We found a good lawyer who put together our bylaws and prepared the paperwork with our input. We documented and consulted, conferred and created.

We have been working on fiscal protocols and procedures, program development, and fundraising. That is more important than a website right now.

When the time is right, we will expand our site and our social media presence. That will all rest on a solid foundation built with careful consideration and planning.

You can always reach us at folx@pghlgbtq.org

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