Sew, You Want to Help Animals?

A few week ago, PLC received a generous donation of items from Little Earth, a store on Pittsburgh’s South Side. Among those items from their excess inventory is over 250 35 x 25 pet bed covers with a zipper. They are quite nice and very useful if your pet bed is giving up the ghost anytime soon.

What we don’t have are 250 pet bed inserts in these dimensions.

Another thing we have in a bit of quantity are sheets. They would make perfect trap covers with a few stiches and trims. Trap covers help keep the trapped animals calm which is good for their health during a TNR activity.

What we need are sewists – a term from the pandemic Pgh MasQUe ProjecT to describe sewers who use their skills to support community activism.

Are you willing to sew for us?

The pet beds need to be 35×25 inserts. You can use whatever filling you like as long as its washable and safe for animals. This is an excellent way to upcycle worn out pet beds into something new using the filling.

The trap covers can be different sizes and patterns. Here are some examples


If you are interested, please complete our volunteer form or email

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