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A local multi-racial, queer family has been coping with harrassment from a neighbor, including using racism language with their teens and posting a nine-foot ‘collapsible’ sign in her own yard, facing the window of their 15-year-old Black trans daughter.

That sign reads ‘Transing is abuse and homophobic.’

Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities has been supporting the family as they cope with this harassment. We’ve connected them with government resources, legal supports, and honored their request to make their story visible. We will continue to stand with them while the court cases proceed and until their children feel safe in their neighborhood.

You can read multiple articles about this family and their story, including first-person Q&A’s with the parents and two of their trans and queer kids at this link. For more information on how to connect with the family, please read their Q&As and email us folx@pghlgbtq.org

We’ve also helped to plant a garden of #ProtectTransKids yard signs designed with the family. We’ve distributed them throughout the region, beginning with the neighborhoods closest to the family (Pittsburgh’s Northside.)

In two weeks, we distributed 150+ signs, In that same time period, we’ve received requests for nearly 400 signs, In less than four weeks, we’ve distributed 400+ signs. In six weeks, we’ve distributed nearly 600 signs. In that same time period, we’ve received requests for nearly 700 signs, most in the City itself but others from Greensburg (Westmoreland County), Mt. Lebanon, Sewickley, Ellwood City (Lawrence County), and even Philadelphia.

Ideally, what would support from the community look like to you? People putting up signs in the neighborhood supporting trans youth. The community watching out for us and making sure we are ok. Keeping us posted on what we can do, what I can do, so the next family that goes through will have the resources and processes put in place.

– Ke’Juan, 15

There is no charge for a yard sign, but we do rely on donations to fund production of new signs. The signs average $12/each and we can purchase a batch of 50 for $580 or a larger batch of 250 for $2500. This is our cost, not a fundraiser. Our print partner is Commonwealth Press who have donated the design work and been diligent about turning around the orders lightning fast.

We will continue to order new signs as long as we have requests (and donations.)

Request a sign bit.ly/ProtectsTransKidsSigns

Donations can be made via

“One sign in one yard is powerful, but watching five or ten additional signs pop up the next day in that neighborhood — it is like a garden blooming,” says Kerr. “We encourage other communities to invest in batches of signs to send a message of support to trans youth. Imagine the possibilities, especially in areas where elected officials support anti-trans legislation or school districts are struggling to provide safe learning environments for LGBTQ students. Even a handful of neighbors showing support for one of their own.”

Sue Kerr to the Pittsburgh City Paper

Read more at the Pittsburgh City Paper and other local media sources

As of August 6, 2022

Signs Requested: 627

Signs Distributed: 599

Donations Received: a lot